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2012 State of the Province Address
By Oscar Moreno, Governor of Misamis Oriental, Philippines



Through the years, we are indebted to the DA-10 and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-10 or the BFAR for always giving the Province access to various agriculture and fishery assistances.

The Department of Agriculture-Assisted Farm Inputs and Post Harvest Support. We took off with the provision of seed and farm equipment to increase productivity in the farming area. More than 9,000 farmers benefitted from our rice seed assistance program, while close to 31,500 farmers enjoyed the corn seeds we distributed since 2004. For coffee production, around 100,000 seedlings were given out to a total of 100 farmers in Magsaysay, Gingoog City, Talisayan, Medina and Balingoan resulting to the development of around 100 hectares of coffee farm.

In the latest report from the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics or the BAS, rice production in Misamis Oriental in 2011 has 26,472 metric tons yield, which is 10 percent higher than in 2010 with a unit productivity of 4.13 metric tons per hectare. The national average of rice productivity per hectare only posted at 3.68 metric tons. The corn industry has 108,192 metric tons harvest in 2011, which is 16.86 percent higher than the total production in 2010.

To facilitate water supply in the farms, River Irrigation Project was undertaken in Mandangoa (Balingasag) while communal irrigation was also adopted in Kamuayan (Balingasag), Magsaysay, and Kauswagan (Lagonglong). These PhP23.0M worth irrigation projects were funded by the National Irrigation Authority or the NIA. Relatedly, while small diversion dams were made for San Nicholas (Jasaan), San Isidro (Gingoog City) and Salay River II (Salay) with funding support from the DA. Each small dam is estimated to be capable of irrigating 110 hectares of land.

Shallow tube wells distributed reached to 369 sites, aside from 20 drip irrigation, 160 handpumps, 80 pressurized open source irrigation units availed from the DA. Around 100 multi-purpose drying pavements were also constructed, in addition to the solar driers/basketball courts which the PEO has helped in the implementation through cement assistance. The Province also availed of 12 farm tractors units, the nine of which were given to Gingoog City and the municipalities of Magsaysay, Kinoguitan, Balingoan, Villanueva, Tagoloan, Manticao, Salay and Medina. The three (3) units are managed and operated by our own Provincial Agriculture Office for farm tractor services to our farmers in a subsidized cost, servicing a total of 1,078 hectares and generated a total revenue of PhP2.1M.

The BFAR-10 Support and Assistance. Almost 1,000 fishing families have benefitted from the seaweed farms established in 90 different locations. These were made possible through the collaborative undertakings of the Provincial Government, BFAR-10 and the Department of Energy or the DOE through the provision of materials and seaweeds seedlings.

The Mariculture Park initiated by BFAR-10 in Balingasag brought in private investments of about PhP144M aside from benefiting about 600 small fisherfolks, either by being employed or fabricators of fish support structures. As support to the Mariculture Park, BFAR initiated the construction of PhP20M worth multi-species processing plant, fish auction market and pontoon bridge. The Mariculture Park promotion was recognized when one of the investors, Rodrigo Basallo won the National Gawad Saka Award as Outstanding Fisherfolk (Aquaculture Category) in 2010.

The Foreign–funded Projects. Three foreign-funded projects also poured out improvements in various municipalities in the Province. The on-going World Bank-assisted Mindanao Rural Development Program-Adaptable Program Loan 2 (MRDP-APL2) enabled the Province to avail of PhP251.22M funding support for 39 rural infrastructure sub-projects involving the upgrading/rehabilitation of 100 kilometers of FMRs, three potable water system and one harvest facility. Eleven of these rural infrastructure sub-projects were already completed with a project cost of PhP43.99M. Livelihood assistance worth PhP60M was availed by 150 people’s organizations (2,250 direct beneficiaries).

The strong involvement and assistance of the Province and the 13 beneficiary-municipalities in the MRDP implementation was recognized. On May 14, 2012,

the municipality of Salay was awarded by Pres. Benigno Aquino III as the Best Performing LGU in the Implementation of Rural Infrastructure Project, besting 226 other LGUs enrolled in the program.

The European Commission funded Focused Food Production Assistance to Vulnerable Sector Project, a PhP30M worth initiative, involved the indigenous peoples of 18 barangays in Balingasag and six upland barangays of Claveria with the adoption of landscape approach in promoting sustainable agriculture along Balatukan Watershed. Using the farm inputs and fingerlings provided, the beneficiaries were made to actualize climate change adaptation measures in farming with our collaboration with the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture or the SEARCA.

There was an International Fund for Agricultural Development, accessed through the Department of Agrarian Reform for the rehabilitation of the Misamis Oriental Eastern Towns or the MISORET and Claveria. The Provincial Government counterpart of PhP10M paved the way to construction of farm-to-market roads with 43.7 kilometers length, installation of 9 units potable water system, construction of 4 units training center, communal irrigation of 120 hectares of farm and implementation of livelihood projects on agriculture, fishery and animal production with more than 2,000 cooperators/families.

The Locally-funded Initiatives. Organic technology on vegetable production in 11.7 hectares of land was advocated in the municipalities of Jasaan, Claveria and Villanueva in collaboration with the Mindanao North Coast Integrated Area Development Project. More than 400 farming families in said municipalities have accessed organic farming technology training and farm inputs/ materials/ equipment, to include: vegetable seeds, water pumps drip irrigation, and hand pumps.

Employment of post harvest production technology was reinforced by our partnership with the NEDA for the NEDA-KR2 Project: Seaweed Noodles Processing Center in Gimalyan, Libertad for the Catalino Women’s Association, an Organic Fertilizer and Pesticides Processing Center in Loguilo, Alubijid for the Loguilo Irrigators Service Association and Mechanized Abaca Fiber Production Facility for the tribal groups of Lanise, Man-ibay and Mat-i in Claveria. The Seaweeds Noodles Processing Center of Gimaylan, Libertad was awarded as Best Innovative PEP Product by NEDA in October 2010, during its first ever PEP Exhibit, besting 131 other NEDA-supported projects nationwide.

Improvement of our banana industry was done in collaboration with AG Beltran Foundation and the Rural Bank of Talisayan through development of 50 hectares of banana plantation in the municipalities of Balingoan, Medina and Talisayan, under the Banana Livelihood Enterprise Development.

The Tabo sa Umahan, an annual agro-fair consistently held since January 2005 to promote and sustain the gains in agriculture and fishery of our component LGUs became the centerpiece activity for our celebration of Misamis Oriental being a separate Province. The Tabo Sa Umahan and the Salo-Tabo---an almost similar activity done on a quarterly basis to showcase agri-fishery commodities and other products like the One Town One Product--- generated gross sales of PhP45M.

The Veterinary Quarantine Regulation. The operation of the quarantine station in Lugait starting June 2010 prevented the entry of sickly animals through the western side of the Province. The income of the facility could allow its operation to be self-sustaining. Since then, it generated a total of PhP2.4M revenues. [Next: Teamwork and Streamlined Bureaucracy]

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