Misamis Oriental, Philippines

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2012 State of the Province Address
By Oscar Moreno, Governor of Misamis Oriental, Philippines



For every program or project undertaken by any national or local government, the end-state targeted for its implementation is to alleviate the poor conditions of its people. Poverty alleviation, though it would take many decades to undertake, is the longer term and the greater goal we would like to see Misamis Oriental could attain.

Our endeavors under other sectoral agendas are initial links to the achievement of the greater goal. But a setting in poor countries like ours, a more immediate sensitivity to poverty alleviation means opportunities for employment are made and an increased income is earned by the people.

MDG Results Show That Misamis Oriental Has the Least Poverty Incidence in Region 10. The tracking made on the MDG progress shows that Misamis Oriental has 30.3 poverty incidence rate (among population) in 2009 per record of the National Statistical Coordination Board-10 or the NSCB. This score is the least among the provinces in Northern Mindanao, and also lower than the regional average at 39.6. Among the proportion of families, poverty incidence was posted at 26.3 percent. The said rating is lower than the regional average also which is at 32.8 percent.

Opportunities For Employment Were Provided. We created the Jobs Assistance Center or the PJAC in 2005 to pool manpower requirements of industries in the locality and abroad. It was made through the support of the Department of Labor and Employment or the DOLE and the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority or the TESDA. Job referrals and job placements were made from job vacancies solicited. We also worked closely with the various Philippine Overseas and Employment Agency or POEA-licensed and DOLE-acknowledged manpower pooling agencies in the various jobs fair activities conducted. We also maintained our partnership with DOLE for summer job opportunities for students on a counterpart sharing scheme.

Livelihood Projects Were Supported For Income Generation of Beneficiary Groups. Our Cooperative Office takes the lead in the regeneration of the spirit of cooperativism through building the management capacity of cooperatives. Financial assistance in the form of zero interest loans were granted for capital augmentation. More than 40 cooperatives were assisted since 2005 thus, giving better income opportunities to beneficiary women, farmers, differently-abled women, transport group, fisherfolks, and other sectors. Relatedly, various livelihood assistances were also given to 233 Rural Improvement Clubs and the 4H Clubs through project interventions from the Department of Agriculture or the DA and the Agricultural Training Institute or the ATI.

Many programs and projects were done related to agriculture, since majority of the population are still in the agriculture sector, particularly those in the inland and upland barangays, most of which are engaging in marginal farming.

In addition, many roads and social infrastructures, i.e. school buildings, health centers, hospitals are prioritized as these are the usual major needs of those in the poverty level, particularly those far from the municipal centers.

The marked and notable improvement of Misamis Oriental’s peace and order situation has enhanced our chances to attract more investments, both local and international, paving the way for more jobs generation and increased business activities. [Next page: Revenue Generation]


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