Misamis Oriental, Philippines

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Tourist Sites

Libon-lawit Falls
Location: 13 kms. from Poblacion, Gingoog City
Description:  Three waterfalls are connected with the same stream. The first is the 120-feet high "Tiklas Falls" that has a 30-meter diameter pool. Second is the "Kilubag Falls" which serves as the major attraction and the third one is "Bangbang Falls" which measures 70-feet high.

Aya-aya Waterfalls
Location:  Brgy. Aya-aya, Lugait; Approximately 73 kms. west of Cagayan de Oro.
Description:  It is a small waterfall located in the heart of Lugait. From the barangay road, you would pass through foot trails up to an elevated place with a pool of water. A clim further it would entail a sight of the falls surrounded by rich vegetation on its background.

Kanapolan Falls
Location:  Brgy. Tagbalogo, Naawan; 60 km. west of Cagayan de Oro.
Description:  The falls can be only be reached by a single motorcycle. You'll pass a river path full of large rocks but with minimal flow of water. At its end, 20-feet high waterfall can be seen flowing through a wide dark gray solid rock.

Lubilan Falls
Location:  Brgy. Lubilan, Naawan; 60 kms. west of Cagayan de Oro.
Description:  It would take a 15-minute hike to see this moderately strong waterfall that has a height of approxiamtely 12 feet.

Catanico Falls
Location:  10 kms. away from Cagayan de Oro City
Description:  Huge rocks cover the area. The falls drop into a into a big pool suitable for swimming but the activity is quite discouraged for it has been reported that the water has high lead content.

Sinabayan Falls
Location:  Brgy. Poblacion, Sugbongcogon; 71 kms. East of Cagayan de Oro.
Description:  A relatively strong waterfall that measures approximately 12 feet in height. Many local people go to this place to take a dip on its cool and clear water.

Mimboaya Falls
Location:  Brgy. Poblacion, Sugbongcogon; 71 kms. East of Cagayan de Oro.
Description:  A strong waterfall that is very accessible. It measures approximately 10-feet in height and it has a pool where one can jump directly into it.

Bakid-bakid Falls
Location:  Gingoog City
Description:  The falls is accessible either by a jeepney or a motorcycle. It has an incredible height of 100 feet.

Sagpulon Springs and Falls
Location: Brgy. San Isidro, Jasaan; 31 kms. east of Cagayan de Oro
Description: Situated in a lush forest, the beauty of Mother Nature can still be experienced here in this place. One can still hear songs of birds and be fascinated by the sight of wild flowers and virgin-forested trees. It is a natural swimming pool with clear and cold water cascading from the mountainside to its basin. Facilities like cottages and resthouses were provided for the visitors making it more appealing for picnickers and those who want to relax. At present, it is not operational as a resort.

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Main information from the Department of Tourism-Misamis Oriental.