Misamis Oriental, Philippines

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Opol beach late afternoon, showing people bathing. One holds a skim board. This beach in Opol is host to Roan Beach Resort, Ajis Beach Resort, Apple Tree Resort and others.

Webmaster's comment Like many places in the Philippines, Misamis Oriental is endowed with springs, brooks, rivers and beaches. Resort restaurants and a few hotels have sprouted near these sites.

Webmaster's comment When scouting for beaches, ask if the management owns a clean bathroom. Many bathrooms are small, dark, dirty, and may not have toilet paper. One of the beach resorts in Opol used to have a pleasant set of spacious, roofless bathrooms. But recently, two large water tanks have been installed above them.

Webmaster's comment Be wary of hotels that do not use tempered glass for their sliding doors, windows and tables. The Department of Tourism guideline for hotel accreditation does not mention tempered glass. In April 2012, a four-year-old child incurred tiny, bleeding cuts on his forehead when he accidentally bumped a sliding door near a swim pool. The glass was not tempered.

  • Ajis Beach Resort. Has jet skis, speed boats, banana boats, and scuba gears.
  • Marvilla Beach Resort
  • Yasay Beach Resort
  • Roan Beach Resort
  • Apple Tree Resort

These and other beach resorts are situated in an 800-meter stretch of sand. All of them have huts for rent. Some have wash rooms with fresh water.

Birhen Milagrosa Beach
Location: Brgy. Moog, Laguindingan
Description: The place offers crystal clear water and fine gray sand. Its  name is derived from the image of the Virgin Mary on its rockwall. In that spot, an altar has been built in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Punta Gorda Beach
Location: Brgy. San Antonio, Jasaan and Hermano, Balingasag; 31 kms. east of Cagayan de Oro.
Description: Located just below the Provincial Road. Has round, smooth stones that cover the beach front. The water is crystal clear even when viewed up the road. The Sangguniang Bayan Council of Balingasag proposes that it would be developed as a marine sanctuary if they would be given financial support by the local government.

St. Bernadette Beach
Brgy. Poblacion, Binuangan
Description: Located along the highway, this beach is a magnificent sight for it offers crystal clear water. A shrine is built in honor of St. Bernadette.

Mempepe White Beach
Location:  Brgy. Poblacion, Binuangan; 66 kms. east of Cagayan de Oro.
Description:  An undeveloped beach that is blessed with fine white sand. The place is shaped like a cove with lush vegetation in the background.

Alibuag White Beach
Location:  Brgy. Mangga, Sugbongcogon; 71 kms. east of Cagayan de Oro
Description:  A unique beach that has a fresh, underwater spring. The beach has fine white sand.

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Main information from the Department of Tourism-Misamis Oriental.