Misamis Oriental, Philippines

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Fish vendor in OpolExcept for landlocked Claveria, all municipalities in Misamis Oriental are coastal, so fishing is the major source of income for most families. Misamis Oriental has three fishing grounds: Macajalar, Gingoog and Balingasag, but production is inadequate. So, the province relies on fish supply from Zamboanga, Bohol, Cotabato and Panguil Bay.

Coral reefs are present along the coastline of Macajalar Bay -- large quantities in Banbayan Point, Gorda Point in Balingasag and Constancia, and in Agutayan shoal in Jasaan.

Fish production in metric tons
  2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
COMMERCIAL 10,576 11,103 10,999 11,133 9,886 10,614.40 9,390.27
MUNICIPAL 8,020 7,511 7,724 7,758 7,288 7,191.02 6,987.50
AQUACULTURE 378 289 367 684 1,391 2,055.01 2,314.89
Bureau of Agricultural Statistics
Webmaster's commentOf interest to scientists and conservationists is the presence of two large sharks in the seas of MisMisamis Oriental -- the whale shark, and the rare megamouth shark. The hunting of whale sharks was a popular occupation in Talisayan and nearby towns, but this activity was ordered banned in late 90s. In May 2008, fishermen reported seeing at least external site17 whale sharks in Talisayan.

In 1998, marine biologists tracked a whale shark that travelled from the municipality of Salay to South China Sea near Vietnam. external siteSee the report.
Portion of a map showing the trackline of a male whale shark from Salay to South China Sea near Vietnam.
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