Misamis Oriental, Philippines

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Mindanao Container Port

The Mindanao Container Port (MCP) is in PHIVIDEC Industrial Estate. It occupies 30 hectares, and costs US$85.32-million. Funded by Japan, it was constructed in December 2001 and began operating in January 2004. The port serves the Asia Pacific Rim and the US.

Its facilities:

  • An initial throughput capacity of 270,000 TEUs* per year expandable to 500, 000 TEUs.
  • A 300-meter wharf with a deep harbor for 13 meters draft that can accommodate up to 30, 000 DWT local and international vessels.
  • Two quay side gantry cranes measuring 30 meters high; 37 meters outreach and four rubber-tired gantry cranes that are capable of stacking up to four-level high containers in six rows. With the modern gantry crane, unloading time for one container van takes only about 2.5 minutes, compared to the 10 minutes unloading in an ordinary port. The computerized stacking and taking of vans is efficient and orderly.
  • An 11-hectare area for port-related business firms near the MCP.
  • Container Yard in Phase 1 and in the Bulk Terminal in MCP Phase 2.
  • 38.10-meter high control tower equipped with a port radar system, telecommunication system and closed circuit television. It will oversee yard and quay operations; A six-hectare concrete container yard that can accommodate 6, 816 TEU’s at any one time.
  • 279-reefer van outlets for refrigerated vans to cool perishables or frozen cargo.
  • MCP-Phase 2 is the food, bulk and grains terminal. It has two gantry cranes and four yard cranes.

Other ports. Aside from the Cagayan de Oro Base Port and the Mindanao Container Port, there are 19 other government and private ports in the province.

The Philippine Sinter Corporation in PHIVIDEC Industrial Estate has a private port. It has the biggest berthing facility in the country, and it can handle break bulk ships of any capacity. Its quay length measures 350 meters with a depth of 25 meters. It has two two cranes for loading and unloading, each with capacity of 6,000 TPH and 3,600 TPH, respectively. The common berth, which is available for use by other companies in PHIVIDEC, has a quay length measuring 220 meters with a depth of 5.5 meters. Loading and unloading of cargoes, however, are done manually.

Berthing depth 13 m below MLLW/
Berth length 300 meters
Throughput capacity 270,000 TEUs per year with 2 gantry cranes and 4 rubber-tired gantry (RTG) cranes
Reefer van 279 units of reefer van outlets/receptacles are installed on steel racks at 440 volts, series 1
Other facilities
  • 11 hectares of port-related business area
  • Control Tower, approximately 38.10 meters high, will oversee yard and quay operations
  • Back-up facilities equipment including 8-hectare container yard area, 6-lane entrance and exit with truck scales, road network, truck holding areas, weighing bridges, greeneries and 4-yard cranes
  • Complete emergency power house, independent water supply system, drainage and sewerage systems

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Main information from Department of Trade and Industry-Misamis Oriental.